Our Guiding Values:

  • Community – We value the importance of connecting people to God and to others
  • Compassion – We value serving people because everyone matters to God
  • Development – We value personal growth and discovery of one’s God-given purpose
  • Excellence – We value honoring God by pursuing everything in life and ministry with excellence
  • Relevance – We value ministry that is socially significant, age appropriate and adaptive to the interests and needs of individuals
  • Team – We value teamwork by involving everyone to accomplish the corporate mission
  • Truth – We value God’s Word as the source of life-changing wisdom.  Gracepoint has been a member of the Granite City community for over 95 (yes, ninety-five) years. The name of the church has changed since its inception, most recently to Gracepoint, but the commitment to our community is stronger than ever.


Our Mission Statement:

Loving God, Reaching People, and Serving Our World

Loving God means worshipping God. When we worship God, we express our love to Him by becoming fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
– Reaching People means connecting ourselves to people who need connected to God.
– Serving Our World means first, teaching Biblical principles that encourage continual growth and development; and second, serving people’s practical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs. Our Vision Statement

The Church we see:

  • Is focused on its Mission
  • Exhibits continuous growth in multiple dimensions
  • Worships vibrantly in a God-focused atmosphere
  • Welcomes people from all walks of life
  • Identifies and ministers to all age groups
  • Teaches and preaches a relevant and truthful message
  • Uses technology to communicate creatively and effectively
  • Demonstrates financial integrity, good stewardship, and prudent business practices
  • Facilitates the discovery and use of each individual’s God-given gifts
  • Mentors believers to become fully-devoted followers of Christ
  • Ministers to our community’s spiritual and physical needs

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